What is a food system plan?

A Master Plan is a long-range planning document that lays out a community's vision for its growth. Communities use Master Plans to guide land use, economic development, transportation, health, and other dimensions of civic life.

A healthy, sustainable regional food system can bring economic, environmental, and social benefits to a community. But these benefits don't happen automatically. Food systems need planning, too! Planning brings structure and strategy to local food systems growth, and helps align policies, such as ordinances, zoning, and incentives to support the local food system.

A Food System Master Plan can:

  • Foster profitable agriculture and food business,
  • Support entrepreneurs in agriculture and food,
  • Create new jobs and opportunities,
  • Increase access to healthy, nutritious foods for all,
  • Support skills in gardening and food preparation,
  • Protect soil, water, and air quality,
  • Reduce food waste,
  • Celebrate diversity of food and agriculture in our community, and
  • Empower all to participate in the food system.

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1. What is a food system plan?
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