What is a Short Term Rental?

Short Term Rental generally means the use of a residential dwelling unit or structure to provide rooms for temporary lodging or lodging and meals for transient guests for which compensation is paid to the short-term operator or responsible party.   

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1. Do we know where the complaints about existing Short Term Rentals have occurred and how many are multiple incidents occurring at a property?
2. How can I report a Short Term Rental that is not following city regulations?
3. How is a Short Term Rental different from a Bed and Breakfast?
4. If a Short Term Rental is in violation of the Unified Zoning Code and is taken to court, then which court does it go to?
5. Is there a minimum length of stay for a Short Term Rental in Wichita?
6. What is a Short Term Rental?
7. What kind of impacts are Short Term Rentals having on neighborhoods now, and do we have an incident call reports that could help us determine that?