What is my role as a victim or witness?

A victim is a person who has suffered physical harm, property damage, or economic loss as a result of a crime. You may be a witness if you have seen, heard, or know something about a crime that has been committed.

You may not think that what you know about the case is very significant. Small pieces of information are often required to determine if the defendant is guilty of the crime charged.

While it is at the prosecutor's discretion to determine if charges will be filed, your presence and willingness to testify may be a factor in determining how the court handles the case. Witness testimony is very important.

As a victim, you will be notified of all hearings. You may not be required to attend every hearing that you are notified of. Please keep in contact with your Victim/Witness Advocate to determine which hearings you will need to attend OR refer to the Victim's Rights Brochure included with each victim letter.

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