Where are people allowed to park e-scooters?

Scooters may be parked along streets in the amenity zone on/adjacent to sidewalks, so long as they do not block pedestrian travel and/or present a traffic hazard. Scooters cannot block transit zones, loading zones, curb ramps, disabled parking zones, parking spaces, and entrances to driveways.

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1. Who owns and operates these scooters?
2. Where are people allowed to ride?
3. Are e-scooter users required to follow the rules of the road?
4. Where are people allowed to park e-scooters?
5. Do the scooter regulations apply to individually owned private scooters?
6. How old do you have to be in order to operate a scooter?
7. Where are the paths that people are allowed to operate scooters on?
8. What is the relationship between the City and the scooter companies?
9. How much are the fines for violating City scooter regulations (i.e. riding on the sidewalk, etc.)?