May I bring a baby stroller or grocery cart onto the bus?

Baby strollers/grocery carts are allowed on the bus based on available space. Please be aware of the following rules before attempting to board a bus with a stroller/grocery cart:

  • The bus aisle must be kept clear at all times.
  • The passenger must maintain control of the stroller at all times. The bus operator will not use wheelchair restraint straps to secure a stroller.
  • Children must be removed from the stroller before boarding the bus. They must remain seated next to the person responsible for their care or in this person's lap.
  • Strollers should be collapsed, regardless of use, before boarding the bus. If the stroller is not able to be collapsed because of the manufacturer's rigid design, the passenger is still required to remove the child from the stroller to carry them onto the bus.
  • If the bus is at full capacity with passengers, the person with the stroller will have to wait for the next bus.
  • For the convenience of the person with a stroller, the seating area designated priority for elderly and disabled passengers may be raised to accomodate a stroller that cannot be collapsed. However, if a stroller is already in this space, and the space is needed for an elderly/disabled passenger, the stroller will be moved to the back of the bus, providing it can be pushed down the aisle.
  • If the stroller cannot be pushed down the aisle or collapsed, the passenger must disembark the bus and wait for the next bus that can accomodate the stroller.
  • Passengers with large or oversized strollers should have an assistant with them to assist with boarding and exiting the bus. The bus operator is prohibited from helping load and unload strollers.

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