How do I become a public artist?

Artists in Wichita interested in becoming public artists are encouraged to seek an artist/art consultant who has experience working as a public artist and willing to mentor or partner with an inexperienced or emerging artist. The best way to learn is through a mentor or partnership opportunity.

The City of Wichita's Public Artist Registry identifies artists/art consultants who are willing to mentor or partner. It is recommended that interested emerging artists reach out to them and let them know of their interest to learn and partner. This might result in the emerging artist meeting with the more experienced artist/art consultant to review their portfolio and career goals. The mentor will serve as a guide through such things as the process of working with a project team, contracting to their advantage, identifying deliverables and expectations, working up a reasonable delivery of artwork, securing required insurance and getting paid. They may also gain experience in how to present their ideas and artwork to a project team as well as the general public.

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1. How do I become a public artist?
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