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Pawnee Prairie Park

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  1. Bike Trail
  2. Bridle Trail
  3. Butterfly Garden
  4. Horse and Pet Watering Stations
  5. Horse Trailer Parking
  6. Nature Trail
  7. Open Shelter
  8. Parking
  9. Picnic Areas
  10. Picnic Tables
  11. Restrooms
  12. Wichita Wild Habitat Area

Welcome to Pawnee Prairie ParkPawnee Prairie Park in southwest Wichita, located next to Tex Consolver Golf Course and Eisenhower National Airport is over 400 acres of natural parkland with trails that serve hikers, bicyclists and equestrians, along with other amenities. Equestrians and bicyclists have dedicated paths and trails within the park, while hikers are free to roam and explore.

Five informational kiosks are strategically located to help users find their paths, plan their route, and understand trail etiquette. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the different trails and appropriate uses. Note that all users must yield to horses at all times. Throughout the park special signage has been installed to make it easy to track your distance, share your location and see what use is allowed or prohibited where you are at.

Equestrians can use the Plumlee Trail and equestrian/hiker-only areas for trail rides. The north portion of the parking lot off of Tyler Road is designed to handle horse trailers. Adjacent to the parking lot are two watering stations for horses to use before and after rides.

Bicyclists and hikers can enjoy the new crushed concrete bike paths that extend from the Tyler Road parking lot, over to the Pawnee parking lot and up to Air Capital Park and the Prairie Sunset Trail. Restrooms (closed in winter), a bicycle repair station and drinking fountain with bottle filler are available at the Tyler Road parking lot. Restrooms (closed in winter), a drinking fountain, shelter and playground are located by the Pawnee parking lot.

Walkers and hikers can use all of the trails, including the concrete sidewalk that extends from the Tyler parking lot to the Pawnee parking lot. If you bring your dog, please keep them leashed. Pet drinking bowls on both water fountains are available for thirsty canines.

Families will enjoy the new playground complete with a berm slide, which is accessible off of the Pawnee parking lot. Next to the playground is a great covered shelter available for rent to host your next get-together. Restrooms (closed in winter) and a drinking fountain are nearby.

The Caretakers of Pawnee Prairie Park have created a butterfly garden south of the old stables off Tyler. The concept of the butterfly garden is to attract as many butterflies as possible to enhance and improve the pollination process through the introduction of many flowering native plant species. The butterfly garden is not an enclosed structure but is an open-air meadow enclosed by a split rail fence.

Open Shelter

Open Shelter Rentals

QR Fit Trail

Pawnee Prairie Park now offers this new way to stay physical in a park! QR Fitness Trails are different than other park trails, they incorporate your phone. The QR Fit Trail is a series of signs along trails that are approximately a mile long that link to different exercise videos at each sign. Videos demonstrate exercises you can do without any equipment in our parks. You can get outside, enjoy our parks, and be active.

You choose the workout type and experience level to provide a customized workout. The videos change weekly so you can enjoy a variety of exercises in the QR Fit Trail year around.

Park Rules & Regulations

(Title 9 - Parks, Airports and Public Property)Park Rules

  • Hours and Park ClosureDawn to dusk
  • Injuring property or removing equipment is illegal
  • Camping is prohibited
  • Cycling
    Allowed on crushed concrete bike path
  • Fire
    Open fires prohibited. Cooking fires allowed in permanent or portable grills only.
  • Horseback riding
    Allowed in designated areas only; prohibited on concrete or bike paths.
  • Archery is prohibited
  • Fireworks and dangerous objects are illegal
  • Hunting, tormenting, feeding or abusing animals is prohibited
  • Dumping and littering is illegal
  • No trepassing where posted
  • All dogs and domestic animals must be leashed
  • Motor Vehicles and Parking
    Park in designated areas only; Unpurposed parking in Horse Trailer Parking area is prohibited
  • Use of Playgrounds and Equipment
    Prohibited for people over 14 years old unless accompanying a child
  • Community Events in Park
    Permit required. To apply for a permit, please contact Park and Recreation at 316-268-4361.

If found in violation of any park rules or regulations, a penalty fine of up to $500 may be issued.

Park Contacts

  • Fire
    Need to report a wildfire? Please call 911
  • Medical Emergency
    Call 911 and give your location in the park using the safety markers. Stay within site of marker until help arrives.
  • Vandalism
    To report vandalism in the park, please contact Park and Recreation at 316-268-4361.
  • Animal Injury
    Found an injured animal? Contact Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism at 316-686-8609. Found a lost, domestic animal? Contact Wichita Animal Control at 316-350-3360.