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1. Can I change my court date?
2. Can I get more time to pay on my citation or court fine?
3. How do I apply for diversion?
4. How do I find out if I have a warrant and what do I do next?
5. How do I find out why someone is in jail, and what it will take to get them out?
6. How do I keep a moving violation off of my driving record? How do I get a charge amended?
7. How much do I owe on my ticket or court case?
8. I received a subpoena to appear in court and cannot attend. What do I do? I received a subpoena to appear in court and do not know what this case is for.
9. I was found guilty in court and don't agree with the judge's decision.
10. What happens if I'm late paying my ticket or don't schedule a court hearing by the due date?
11. What if I need an attorney but can't afford one?
12. When is my next court date?
13. Why is my license suspended?
14. Will this ticket be reported to my insurance? How many points is it?