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Controller's Office

The Controller's Office is responsible to ensure the integrity of the financial statements and accuracy of payments made to vendors, and assist in the financial management of the City. The office is also responsible for providing accounting internal controls and working in cooperation with the City's external and internal auditors. Other functions include maintenance of the financing accounting system, processing accounts payable, auditing the payroll function, coordination of all City travel, and accounting for all capital assets of the City. The Controller's Office also administers grant funds totaling approximately $56 million annually and provides accounting support to City departments.

Staff Directory

Nicole BabcockController / Finance 268-4651
Kristina RoseAssistant 268-4725
Robin AlliPayroll 268-4360
Fanny ChanSenior Financial Management 268-4174
Amy BelcherSenior Financial Management 268-4138
Mandi SleiterSenior Financial Management 268-4675
Carmen JohnsonSenior Financial Management 268-4696
Matt MooreSenior Financial Management 268-4685
Luke StolzSenior 268-8176
Kyle MazzaSenior 268-4651
KayLynn 268-4651
Taylor AltinaAssociate 268-4756
Christy SlaterAssociate 268-4713
Jessica VargasAssociate 268-4434
Vikki ThompsonAssociate 268-4506
Kyle StanberryAccount Clerk 268-4651
Tara BurghartAccount Clerk 268-4651
Theresa Wells-SjogrenAccount Clerk 268-4651
Yolanda ChavezAdmin Aide 268-4751

Annual Financial Re​port

The City's 2019 CAFR and the most recent quarterly report, along with other financial reports and information, are available for review.​

2021 1st Qtr Report.pdf2021 1st Qtr Report
2021 2nd Qtr Report.pdf2021 2nd Qtr Report
2020 1st Qtr Report.pdf2020 1st Qtr Report
2020 2nd Qtr Report.pdf2020 2nd Qtr Report
2020 3rd Qtr Report.pdf2020 3rd Qtr Report
2020 4th Qtr Report.pdf2020 4th Qtr Report
2020 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).pdf2020 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
2020 Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR).pdf2020 Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR)
2019 1st Qtr Report.pdf2019 1st Qtr Report
2019 2nd Qtr Report.pdf2019 2nd Qtr Report
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Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Payments made by the City can now be received electronically by your financial institution and deposited directly to your bank account. The ACH system is a nationwide payment and collection system that is used for the settlement of electronic debits and credits between financial institutions. The ACH system distributes and settles transactions quickly, accurately, and inexpensively. Payment by ACH offers a low-cost alternative to paper checks, providing the following benefits to both you and the City:

  • Eliminates paper check handling;
  • Reduces operating costs;
  • Improves funds availability
  • Offers excellent cash flow forecasting;
  • Renders more reliable and faster posting of funds;
  • Allows for the tracing of payments;
  • Eliminates lost or stolen checks;
  • Simplifies bank reconciliation.

Getting Started

Enroll to receive ACH payments by performing the following steps:

  1. Complete the Payee portion of the attached ACH Payment Enrollment Form.
  2. Then send the form to your financial institution for their required information and authorization.
  3. Finally, forward the completed form (by mail) to the Controller's Office (at the address on the enrollment form), or fax the completed form to (316) 219-6308.

ACH Payment Enrollment Form