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2018 Performance Measures Report

In 2019, the City of Wichita organization analyzed data from 2018 in order to guide the development of the 2020-2021 Proposed Budget. Performance measures are used to provide insight into service delivery processes and resource allocations. Performance measures in this report are included in the operating budget. However, this report also includes narrative information for each measure as well as more years of prior year data. In some cases, more measures are reported for each department in the Performance Measures Report than in the 2020-2021 ProposedBudget.

Performance Measures Report

The Performance Measures Report contains data about over 400 performance across the organization. A complete copy of the Performance Measures Report can be downloaded, or each chapter can be downloaded individually, as listed below.

Performance Measures Report Table of Contents Introduction Airport City Manager's Office Finance Department Fire Department Housing & Community Services Department Human Resources Department Information Technology Department Law Department Library Department Metropolitan Area Building & Construction Department Metropolitan Area Planning Department Municipal Court Park & Recreation Department Police Department Public Works & Utilities Department Transit Department