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​Dates Fireworks May be Sold

Fireworks may be sold from June 27 - July 4.
For the 2023 year, aerial fireworks will not be sold in Wichita city limits.

Shooting Times

Shooting fireworks is allowed from 10am to midnight.
In 2023, aerial fireworks are allowed to be shot off July 1-4.

Allowed Fireworks

This year (2023), aerial fireworks will be allowed to be shot off within Wichita city limits from July 1-4 from 10am to midnight. All non-aerial fireworks are allowed to be shot off from June 27 - July 4.

2022 Wholesale Approved Fireworks2022 WAZ UP Approved Fireworks

Firework Safety Tips

  • Never allow young children to handle fireworks
  • Older children should use fireworks only under close adult supervision
  • Never use fireworks while impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Anyone using fireworks or standing nearby should wear protective eyewear
  • Never hold lighted fireworks in your hands
  • Never light them indoors
  • Only use them away from people, houses and flammable material
  • Never point or throw fireworks at another person
  • Only light one device at a time and maintain a safe distance after lighting
  • Never ignite devices in a container
  • Do not try to re-light or handle malfunctioning fireworks
  • Soak both spent and unused fireworks in water for a few hours before discarding
  • Keep a bucket of water nearby to fully extinguish fireworks that don't go off or in case of fire


  • First time violations will result in a $1,000 fine and/or 50 community service hours, plus court fines.
  • Second time violations will result in a $1,500 fine.
  • Third time violations will result in a $2,000 fine.
  • Wichita firefighters and Wichita police officers will be patrolling throughout firework season.
  • From July 1-5, residents can make firework-related nuisance reports from 6pm - 3am at the non-emergency number, (316) 290-1011.
  • Adults can be cited for juveniles violating the ordinance.
  • Property owners/occupants will be held responsible for violations of the ordinance on their property.
  • There will be increased enforcement focused on writing citations for violations and confiscating illegal fireworks.
  • Aerial firework means any consumer firework that shoots flaming balls into the air, including but not limited to, cake or mortar fireworks.
  • Safe and Sane firework that does not leave the ground when ignited, including but not limited to: fountains, sparklers, smoke balls, snake-type firework, ground-spinning fireworks, pinwheels, most novelty fireworks, toy-trick noisemakers, and crackling fireworks.

More Information

Community Risk Reduction Division
P: (316) 268-4441

Fireworks Fast Facts (English & Spanish)City of Wichita Fireworks Ordinance