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​Sales and shooting dates

June 27 - July 5, 10:00am to midnight

Allowed Fireworks

Only fireworks tested and approved by the Wichita Fire Department are allowed to be shot in the City limits.

  • No sparks higher than 6 feet
  • No fireworks which are labeled as shooting flaming balls

Please click the links below to see the lists of approved fireworks.

2019 Spirit of 76 Approved Fireworks 2019 TNT Fireworks 2019 Wholesale Fireworks


  • Violations result in a $250.00 ticket.
  • Adults can be cited for juveniles violating the ordinance.
  • Property owners/occupants will be held responsible for violations of the ordinance on their property.
  • There will be increased enforcement focused on writing citations for violations and confiscating illegal fireworks.

More Information

Community Risk Reduction Division
P: (316) 268-4441

View the Fireworks Ordinance