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​Sales and shooting dates

June 27 - July 5, 10:00am to midnight

Allowed Fireworks

Only fireworks tested and approved by the Wichita Fire Department are allowed to be shot in the City limits.

  • No sparks higher than 6 feet
  • No fireworks which are labeled as shooting flaming balls

Please click the links below to see the lists of approved fireworks.

2022 Wholesale Approved Fireworks2022 WAZ UP Approved Fireworks


  • Violations result in a $250.00 ticket (plus court costs).
  • Adults can be cited for juveniles violating the ordinance.
  • Property owners/occupants will be held responsible for violations of the ordinance on their property.
  • There will be increased enforcement focused on writing citations for violations and confiscating illegal fireworks.

More Information

Community Risk Reduction Division
P: (316) 268-4441

Fireworks Fast Facts (English & Spanish)City of Wichita Fireworks Ordinance