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What does it take to be a part of the City of Wichita's Fire Department?

It takes strength, courage, common sense, problem-solving skills and the willingness to want to help others. Do YOU have what it takes?

The Wichita Fire Department wants capable men and women who are interested in a career in fire fighting. As a Fire Fighter, you will perform technical and professional services for the citizens of Wichita. In emergencies such as a fire, flood, tornado, explosion or car and home accidents, Fire Fighters meet their most severe test. They must have the ability and dedication to educate children, residents, and business people to be aware of the need for fire prevention and protection.

The Wichita Fire Department does more than put out fires. We save lives.​

Become a Fire Recruit

This work involves training under close supervision for the protection of life and property by fire fighting and rescue activities. A major portion of time is spend training and studying methods, techniques, and organization, as well as routine duties in the maintenance of department property and equipment. Specific orders and direction are given by supervising officer.

Fire Recruit job description

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Lieutenant Lance Diffenbaugh

  • Why should people consider a career with the Wichita Fire Department?
  • What happens after someone is hired?
  • Describe a typical day at work.
  • How soon can you join a specialty team?
  • What's it like to be on the Rescue Team?
  • What can someone expect if they join the Hazmat team?
  • Have you made many new friends on the job?

Lieutenant Jose Ocadiz

  • Why did you become a Wichita firefighter?
  • How often do firefighters respond to medical emergencies?
  • What's it like to respond to a structure fire?
  • How should someone physically prepare for a career with the WFD?
  • Why did you become a member of the Fire Prevention Division?
  • Do you have to be a good cook?
  • What does it take to move up through the ranks of the WFD?