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Wichita PD Cares: Programa de extensión sobre el autismo con Heartspring

  1. Resident with Autism Decal with white badge and blue background. text in description
  2. The Wichita Police Department’s Autism Outreach Program with Heartspring will allow our officers to better serve those in our community who live with Autism. Through this program, we hope to maintain a database of Autistic persons we may interact with in hopes of improving our response. The form below is to be filled out with information about the person with Autism. By clicking “submit,” this form will be sent directly to the Wichita Police Department’s Central Records Section to input information into our database. Your information will be maintained in accordance with Kansas Public Records law. As such, any information that is confidential or exempt will not be released to the public. This process will allow officers who respond to an incident involving a person with Autism to appropriately prepare for and handle the situation. The goal through the Wichita PD Autism Outreach Program is to improve the interactions for all parties involved.

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