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Affordable Housing Fund

The City of Wichita received $72.4 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to support the response to and recovery from COVID-19. Investment in affordable housing was identified as a high priority for ARPA funds following public engagement. In August 2021, the City Council approved allocating $5 million in ARPA funds for an Affordable Housing Fund (AHF).

Next, the City engaged with a consultant, Development Strategies. Development Strategies facilitated four Technical Advisory Committee meetings with area leaders and experts to determine outcomes and priorities of the Affordable Housing Fund. Development Strategies then presented the recommendation for the Affordable Housing Fund at the January 25, 2022 Council Workshop.

AHF Goal

The goal of the Affordable Housing Fund is to improve the quality of the existing affordable housing stock (rental and for-sale), while expanding quality affordable housing options and promoting neighborhood stability in the city's core areas.

Eligible Users

  • Non-profit and for-profit developers with a track record of efficiently completing renovation and new construction projects, that have honored/used all prior City funding commitments.
  • Established non-profit organizations with demonstrated capacity to expand services.

Eligible Uses


  • Single family home renovation or rehab (for sale or rental)

  • Home repair to existing low/moderate income homeowners

  • New Construction of affordable single-family homes

Housing Wrap Around Services

  • Credit counseling

  • Homebuyer/homeowner training

  • Eviction prevention/mitigation

  • Housing navigation for renters


Low to moderate income households and families will be able to access housing from for- and non-profit developers, and housing services from established non-profit organizations. Check out the chart below for information on income limits by adjusted household size.

2023 Income Limit for Persons in Family (Personas en Familia)

​Income Limit Category (Categoria Limite de Ingresos)
​50% AMI
​60% AMI
$55,200​ $59,280
​80% AMI

Commitment to Equity

The focus area of the AHF serves Wichita's minority communities, who are disproportionately impacted by housing insecurity. As such, the fund will incorporate equity in the policies, program administration, review process and oversight. The program will ensure the minority developers and contractors can reasonably participate, decision making around project funding will consider the impact to minority communities and ensure that minority community leaders will be an integral part of the Review Committee.

Scope of Services

Within the Established Central Area & qualified census tracts with prioritization for projects proposed that leverage public housing stock, and/or within .25 miles of any public housing property. Emphasizing projects in areas within a quarter mile radius ensures neighborhood impact. See map below.


Leveraging of Public Housing Properties

This fund will prioritize projects that leverage the City's existing public housing stock in qualified census tracts, which consists of about 213 Wichita Housing Authority homes.

Proceeds from the purchase of these homes will revolve back into the Affordable Housing Fund for its replenishment. This will allow the program to continue past the spending deadline for ARPA funds, improving sustainable homeownership opportunities and the quality of affordable rental properties throughout Wichita for years to come.

Affordable Housing Review Board

December 2023 AHRB meeting

Please either join us in person in the City Hall Board Room, or virtually by connecting to the Microsoft Teams meeting link found below or calling in. City Hall is located at 455 N. Main St. Wichita, KS 67202.​Microsoft Teams Connection Details:

AHRB Microsoft Teams Meeting

December 18, 2023 | 3 p.m.

Join on your computer, mobile app or room device

Click here to join the meeting Meeting ID: 213 338 704 418 Passcode: hMaHL2​

Or call in (audio only)

+1 316-462-9137,,979232025#   United States, Wichita Phone Conference ID: 979 232 025#

2023 AHRB meetings

​Miss a previous Affordable Housing Review Board meeting? No worries. Recordings of the meetings can be found at the Affordable Housing Review Board YouTube Playlist

July 11, 2022 | AHF Information Session

Interested in learning the most up to date information about the AHF? Check out the recording below of the July 11, 2022 AHF Information Session. The minutes from this meeting will be posted in the document library upon completion.

We want YOUR input!

Visit Forum, the City of Wichita's public engagement platform, to let us know how you would use the Affordable Housing Fund. Share your ideas and insights to help us decide what projects would make the most impact in our community.

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08-28-2023 Affordable Housing Fund Program Plan draft.pdf08-28-2023 Affordable Housing Fund Program Plan draft
2022-01-25 Affordable Housing Fund Implementation Plan - City Staff PPT.pdf2022-01-25 Affordable Housing Fund Implementation Plan - City Staff PPT
2022-01-25 Affordable Housing Fund Recommendations - Development Strategies.pdf2022-01-25 Affordable Housing Fund Recommendations - Development Strategies
2022-01-25 Affordable Housing Fund Report - Development Strategies.pdf2022-01-25 Affordable Housing Fund Report - Development Strategies
2022-25-03 Housing Conference HCSD Plenary AHF Overview.pdf2022-25-03 Housing Conference HCSD Plenary AHF Overview
2023-06-26 AHRB Agenda.pdf2023-06-26 AHRB Agenda
2023-06-26 AHRB Meeting Minutes DRAFT.pdf2023-06-26 AHRB Meeting Minutes DRAFT
2023-06-26 AHRB PPT.pdf2023-06-26 AHRB PPT
2023-07-31 AHRB Agenda.pdf2023-07-31 AHRB Agenda
2023-07-31 AHRB Meeting Minutes DRAFT.pdf2023-07-31 AHRB Meeting Minutes DRAFT
2023-08-28 AHRB Agenda.pdf2023-08-28 AHRB Agenda
2023-10-30 AHRB Board Packet.pdf2023-10-30 AHRB Board Packet
2023-11-06 AHRB Agenda.pdf2023-11-06 AHRB Agenda
Affordable Housing Fund Program Plan.pdfAffordable Housing Fund Program Plan
DAB - Affordable Housing Fund PPT.pdfDAB - Affordable Housing Fund PPT
February 2022 - DAB Feedback - AHF Interoffice Memorandum.pdfFebruary 2022 - DAB Feedback - AHF Interoffice Memorandum