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The Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program was created to help empower HCV participants to become economically self-sufficient. For this goal to be accomplished, first the client must have the determination to succeed. Secondly, those willing to work at making a difference for themselves and their family will receive the support, encouragement, and services available from our staff and the Wichita community.

Participation in the program is voluntary. Any family's decision not to participate in the FSS program will not effect the family's participation in the housing choice voucher program. Families who wish to participate in the FSS program will develop goals that will, over a 5- year period, lead to self-sufficiency. Goals that FSS participants select for the program may be those they are currently trying to accomplish but help was needed. Homeownership, employment, credit improvement, GED, and certification or degree completion, are just a few of the various goals that past participants have accomplished.

Benefits of program

Families who have successfully completed the program may have benefited in the following ways: The HCV Homeownership Program, money from an escrow savings account, development of support systems, and awareness of community resources. The following diagram represents how the Family Self-Sufficiency Program helps families achieve economic independence.

​FSS Escrow Account

Escrow serves as an incentive to encourage families to maintain employment and strive for higher wages. The important factor to remember is that escrow results from an increase in earned income from the time you entered into the FSS program.

Beginning of Contract Income

Your portion to landlord: $50
HCV portion to landlord: $550
Landlord receives: $600

Increase in Earned

Your portion to landlord: $150
HCV portion to landlord: $450
Landlord receives: $600
HCV portion to escrow: $100

Applying for Homeownership Program

If you are considering applying for the Homeownership Program, please download the HCV Homeownership Program and HCV Homeownership Application to read more about the program and to print out an application.

HCV Homeownership Program  HCV Homeownership Application