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Home Repair

​Home Repair and Improvement

Home Repair Program

Zero-interest, forgivable deferred payment loans are provided to make home repairs for owner-occupant homeowners. The program is available for owner-occupants who meet income eligibility criteria (60% of area median income), whose home repair needs are within the program's funding limits and whose property tax payments are current. Home Repair program assistance is available citywide, and is designed to address health and safety needs such as plumbing, heating, electrical and roof replacement. Loans may not exceed $5,000, and are forgiven after a period of five years, provided the assisted homeowner does not sell the home or transfer ownership. Assisted homeowners must also continue to occupy the home as their principal residence for the entire five-year period. Additional programs are available for more extensive home repairs. Lead-based paint regulations apply.

How to apply

P: (316)-462-3713

​Lead Safe Wichita Program

The Lead Safe Wichita program is funded with a grant provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes. The program goal is to mitigate lead-based paint hazards in residential housing through remediation and/or abatement. The Housing and Community Services Department works with various city and county organizations to implement the program and to prevent childhood lead poisoning. The program is available citywide, for low-income owner-occupant families of residential housing constructed before 1978. Priority will be given to those families with children under the age of six years. The program is also available to owners of rental housing constructed before 1978 that is leased to low-income families with children under the age of six years.

How to apply

P: (316)-462-3727

​Low-Interest Loans for Home Rehabilitation and Improvement

Home Improvement Loan Program

The City of Wichita works with local lenders to provide low-interest rehabilitation loans for owner-occupants of residential dwellings. Program funding is used to "buy-down" home equity loan interest rates in order to make loan payments affordable. The program is available citywide. Household income may not exceed 80% of the area family median income. Applicants must be credit worthy and have the ability to repay the loan. The maximum loan is $15,000, provided there is sufficient equity. The maximum loan term is 10 years.

How to apply

P: (316)-462-3713

​Rental Rehab Loan Program

This program is designed to provide low-interest installment loans to owners of eligible residential rental housing citywide. If the property owner is considered to be low-income, a loan amount equivalent to 100% of the cost of rehabilitation may be provided, up to a maximum of $15,000 per unit, not to exceed $45,000 per building for multi-family properties, or $20,000 for individual single-family properties. If the property owner is not considered to be low-income, a loan amount equivalent to 75% of the total cost of rehabilitation may be provided. Loans may be provided to correct substandard conditions, make essential improvements, repair major systems in danger of failure, undertake improvements related to energy efficiency, and to improve accessibility. Multi-family properties may contain no more than a total of seven units. Upon completion, the entire housing structure must comply with the minimum housing code.

Additional financing, in the form of a zero interest deferred payment loan may be provided to address lead-based paint requirements. This loan is due and payable upon sale of the property or transfer of ownership.

Tenants must not be displaced. Property owners must agree to lease completed units to individuals and/or families with incomes less than 80% of the area median income for a period of one year. Monthly rent plus utilities may not exceed 30% of the tenant/occupant's gross monthly income, upon occupancy.

Property owners must have sufficient equity in the property.

How to apply

P: (316)-462-3713

​Historic Loan Program

Through the Historic Loan Program, low-interest installment loans are provided for the preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of historically and architecturally significant structures located within the City of Wichita.

To qualify, the property must be designated and listed as a landmark by the local, state, or national historic register, or be a contributing structure in a residential district, or be within the 1919 city limits. Call the Metropolitan Area Planning Department for more information. Be sure to have the exact property address available. The loan applicant must also be the owner of the property or must be purchasing the property on a valid land sale contract.

Historic loans can be extended to private individuals and/or entities, including for-profit or non-profit organizations.

How to Apply

Contact the Metropolitan Area Planning Department for more information.

P: (316)-268-4421