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Housing Development​

The City of Wichita expends HOME Investment Partnership funds for the development of affordable residential housing. The City reserves the right to fund if a higher level of project submittal warrants.

Applications are requested for housing development projects that meet the eligibility requirements for such funding. The goal is to support the development of real estate that is idle or underutilized, and to provide needed housing for underserved populations. Projects may include new construction or rehabilitation projects for owner-occupancy and/or rental properties.

Respondents can be for-profit and nonprofit organizations (developers), individuals and existing rental property owners. The developer response may include homeownership, rental, co-op or any HOME eligible activities.

All projects are subject to the HOME Investment Partnerships Program regulations as stated in CFR 24, Part 24. Printed copies of the HOME regulations may be obtained at 455 N Main, 10th Floor, Housing Services Department.​

More information

Questions? Contact Jacqueline Beck at the number below. 

P: (316) 462-3767

Home Buyer Assistance

The City of Wichita's HOMEownership 80 Program provides financial assistance with down payments and closing costs for first-time homebuyers in the City's HOMEOwnership 80 Assistance Areas. The City's HOME 80 program is made possible with annual funding through a federal grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The purpose of this program is to help citizens achieve the American dream of homeownership and to stabilize our neighborhoods.

Note: The City is only accepting HOMEOwnership 80 applications in connection with newly constructed single-family homes developed by its Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs), for profit partners and non-profit partners including:

Mennonite Housing​
​(316) 942-4848
Residential Housing Solutions​ (316) 393-5720
​Power CDC ​(316) 267-3036
​Jakub's Ladder (316) 214-8932​
​Wichita Habitat for Humanity
​(316) 269-0755
​Hope Community Development
​(316) 648-9131

Check the Federal Income Limits which provides income requirements for HOME 80 applicants.