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Wichita Land Bank

Wichita Land Bank Mission Statement

The Wichita Land Bank (WLB) will promote the revitalization of neighborhoods consistent with the Wichita: Places for People plan, through management and transfer of properties that are deemed underutilized.

Land Bank Information

The State of Kansas allows for a land bank to be formed by local governments by adoption of an ordinance (K.S.A. 12‐5902). The State of Kansas also requires that a board of trustees govern the land bank. In May 2021, the City Council authorized the creation of the creation of the WLB. 

WLB Board of Trustees

In November 2021, the WLB Board of Trustees met for the first time. The WLB Board of Trustees typically meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 1:30 pm, unless there is a conflict or a request to reschedule. The meetings are hybrid- in person in the City Hall Board Room, as well as offered virtually via Microsoft Teams. The meetings are subject to the Kansas Open Meetings Act. Meeting details and a link to connect virtually will be updated here monthly.  Find a listing of current Trustees below: 

  • District 1: Valencia Kaye Monk-Morgan
  • District 2: Wesley Galyon
  • District 3: Gary D Schmitt, Chair
  • District 4: Jerrome D Castillo
  • District 5: Marvin Schellenberg, Vice-Chair
  • District 6: Alex Ibarra
  • Mayor: Lucas Johnson

June - WLB Board of Trustees Meeting

Please either join us in person in the City Hall Board Room, or virtually by connecting to the Microsoft Teams meeting link found below or calling in. City Hall is located at 455 N. Main St. Wichita, KS 67202.

May 2023 WLB Meeting - Canceled

June 2023 WLB Microsoft Teams Meeting

June 14, 2023 | 1:30-3 p.m.

Join on your computer, mobile app or room device

Click here to join the meeting

Or call in (audio only)

+1 316-462-9137,,614910269#   United States, Wichita

Phone Conference ID: 614 910 269# 

April - WLB Board of Trustees Meeting

​Miss the April 2023 WLB Board of Trustees Meeting? No worries. A recording of the meeting can be found below. ​​


Want to Donate?

If you have property you are interested in donating to the Land Bank, we would love to talk with you further. Please contact:

(316) 462-3769


2021-11-03 WLB BOT Agenda.pdf2021-11-03 WLB BOT Agenda
2021-12-08 WLB BOT Agenda.pdf2021-12-08 WLB BOT Agenda
2022-01-12 WLB BOT Agenda.pdf2022-01-12 WLB BOT Agenda
2022-02-09  WLB BOT PPT.pdf2022-02-09 WLB BOT PPT
2022-02-09 Meeting Minutes REVISED.pdf2022-02-09 Meeting Minutes REVISED
2022-02-09 WLB BOT Agenda.pdf2022-02-09 WLB BOT Agenda
2022-02-09 WLB BOT Minutes.pdf2022-02-09 WLB BOT Minutes
2022-03-09  WLB BOT PPT.pdf2022-03-09 WLB BOT PPT
2022-03-09 Meeting Minutes.pdf2022-03-09 Meeting Minutes
2022-03-09 WLB BOT Agenda.pdf2022-03-09 WLB BOT Agenda
2022-04-13  WLB BOT PPT.pdf2022-04-13 WLB BOT PPT
2022-04-13 Meeting Minutes.pdf2022-04-13 Meeting Minutes
2022-04-13 WLB BOT Agenda.pdf2022-04-13 WLB BOT Agenda
2022-05-11  WLB BOT PPT.pdf2022-05-11 WLB BOT PPT
2022-05-11 Meeting Minutes.pdf2022-05-11 Meeting Minutes
2022-05-11 WLB BOT Agenda.pdf2022-05-11 WLB BOT Agenda
2022-06-08  WLB BOT PPT.pdf2022-06-08 WLB BOT PPT
2022-06-08 Meeting Agenda.pdf2022-06-08 Meeting Agenda
2022-06-08 Meeting Minutes.pdf2022-06-08 Meeting Minutes
2022-07-13  WLB BOT PPT.pdf2022-07-13 WLB BOT PPT
2022-07-13 Meeting Agenda.pdf2022-07-13 Meeting Agenda
2022-07-13 Meeting Minutes.pdf2022-07-13 Meeting Minutes
2022-08-10  WLB BOT PPT.pdf2022-08-10 WLB BOT PPT
2022-08-10 Meeting Agenda.pdf2022-08-10 Meeting Agenda
2022-08-10 Minutes.pdf2022-08-10 Minutes
2022-10-19  WLB BOT PPT.pdf2022-10-19 WLB BOT PPT
2022-10-19 Meeting Agenda.pdf2022-10-19 Meeting Agenda
2022-10-19 Meeting Minutes.pdf2022-10-19 Meeting Minutes
2022-11-09  WLB BOT PPT.pdf2022-11-09 WLB BOT PPT
2022-11-09 Meeting Minutes.pdf2022-11-09 Meeting Minutes
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