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Community Service Block Grant (CSBG)

​The WSCCAP program's local advisory group is the Community Services Block Grant Review Committee which reviews program and expenditure information. Staff also partner with community agencies through financial and non-financial contracts for services which support the core mission. All programs are funded by the federal Community Services Block Grant (CSBG).

Board Elected Officers

​Name ​Officer
​Bruce Gass
​Vacant ​Vice Chairperson
​Cheryl Olsthoom
​2nd Vice Chairperson

Low Income Representatives

​Name ​Representative
​Sheryl Batt
Low Income Southwest Representative​
​William Longnecker
​Low Income Northwest Representative
​Vacant Low Income Southeast Representative​
​Janet Radig
Low Income Northeast Representative​

Public Sector Representatives

​Name ​Representative
​Bruce Gass
Public Sector District 3 Representative​
​Trisha Richmeier
Public Sector District 4 Representative​
​Vacant Public Sector District 6 Representative​

Private Sector Representatives

​Name ​Representative
​Paul Farha
Private Sector District 3 Representative​
James Thompson​ Private Sector District 1 Representative​
Christopher Cooper-Martin​ Private Sector District 6 Representative​
Tommy L. Benford​ Private Sector District 1 Representative​
Cheryl Olsthoorn​ Private Sector District 4 Representative​

If you are interested in learning how you can be a part of our board, contact us to learn more about the process today!