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Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for WSCCAP services one must be a resident of Sedgwick County and meet the Federal Income Guidelines for CSBG programs. During the intake process, the applicant must provide proof of address and proof of household income for the previous six months. To determine if your household is eligible for services, please review our income guidelines.

CSBG Income Eligibility

200% of federal poverty level is used to determine eligibility for CSBG programs. (Effective date January 2023)

Obtain income documentation for the last 6 months, and multiply by 2 to get the 12 month (annual) income total:

​Size of Family Unit
​12 Month Income
​1 ​$29,160
2​ $39,440
3​ $49,720
4​ $60,000
5​ $70,280
6​ $80,560
7​ $90,840
8​ $101,120

For each additional family member add $10,280.

More Information

To schedule an appointment to learn more about WSCCAP services, or to get signed up, please contact us at 316-462-3700 or