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2019 Projects

​Keep the Lights On (KTLO)

KTLO is the work to keep the City's digital systems operational.

43 projects, 19 added through process, 26 complete, 11 rolled, 4 cancelled.

Airport Old Terminal Demo/Renovation
Airport Systems
AV-conference rooms
Body Camera Upgrade
Bomgar Security Remote Access (SCADA)
Brooks Landfill security cameras
Core Network
Cowtown Alvarion Wireless Equipment
Cowtown Art Collection in Lucity
ERP Interfaces
External Website Protocol upgrade - secure
Fiber channel SAN Upgrade
Finance Centralized Cash Reporting Form
GIS DB Migration of Servers to MSSQL2017
GIS Fire MobileView
GIS GeoCortex Analytics
GIS Internal Viewer HTML5 Upgrade
Granicus Upgrade
HR ID Printer and Camera Replacement
Internet Edge
KBI Upgrade/Firewalls
Migration from Open DNS to Firewall Filtering Library
New Video Docket Equipment
Paratransit Van Upgrade
Payroll Year End
Police Training Facility
Public Works SCADA Water Treatment Switch
Reclassification Project
Replace 2003 Servers
Replace WFD field laptops
Re-write Fire Transfer processes
Transit Avail Upgrade
Transit Fleet Network Upgrade
VoIP Conversion
WAF Web Application Firewall Replacement
WAMPO Transition to the County
Water treatment security cameras
Windows 10


64 projects, 51 added through process, 28 completed, 13 cancelled, 55 planned roll to 2020.

5th Floor Renovation Employee Move
6th Floor Move to Rounds & Porter
7th Floor Renovation Employee Move
8th Floor Renovation Employee Move
AudienceView - POS
Automated Building Controls RFP
Call Center Temp Expansion (Added)
CIS Phase II
City Audio Visual
Closure of Police training
Court Kiosks & Displays
CRM Expansion
Cyber Insurance/Incident Response
Enterprise Class Management/POS RFP
Enterprise Microsoft Agreement
ERP - Finance
ERP - Payroll-HR
Facilities DST RFP
Farebox - RFP
Fire - Fire Alert Network
Firehouse RFP
Housing Case Mgmt. (Cherwell)
Housing move to City Hall
KBI Audit
Lean Submissions
Learning Library
LoRa Tracking GPS (Partner WSU - vehicle)
New Stadium fiber
Open Data
Parking - Rounds & Porter Fiber
Replace MVRS with FCS
RMS - Court
RMS - Police
Scheduled Water Outage Map
Security Camera II
Traffic Systems Synchronization
Transit New Digital Signs
Video Court
WPD Riverview Move