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About Us

​Through its value-adding work teams, IT provides all network, computing infrastructure, security, telephony, websites, intranet, e-commerce, support, technical analysis, consulting on issues related to technology, and serves as a liaison to outside agencies for information exchange and data relationships. Each day IT supports 3,709 accounts, 13 major systems, infrastructure for 100 City locations or facilities, and technology integrated into more than 367 intersections. System access is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through 2,667 personal computers, tablets and laptops. IT also supports personal smart phone devices, 268 scanners and 524 printers.

IT project and research implementation are vital in creating a leading-edge organization. While only approximately 20% of available staff time is spent on these activities, this area of effort provides direct benefit to all customers. Amid scarce resources, IT searches for technology that can automate or completely change the work performed by departments and explores business process change to effect work efficiencies. The City of Wichita employs an internal service fund strategy for IT in order to provide the City with desired centralization, more effective management of resources, and enhanced value.