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​Management of the IT function includes billing, vendor management, printing, staff management, project and program management, Smart City implementation and strategic direction. All critical functions in providing operational support and future technology direction for all customers. Administration provides direction, vision, support, input and guidance for programs and planning throughout the organization, the community, the state and nationally.


Governance of the IT function includes putting structure into how IT strategy aligns with business strategy, ensuring that the organization stays on track to achieve strategies and goals, and are implementing effective ways to measure IT's performance.


IT Management includes all activities surrounding vendor or software engagements. Contracts, service level agreements, software procurement, printing, billing, maintenance, general support structures, technology ordering, partnerships, security, strategic planning and expansion of technology education.


Finances of all IT activities are handled in the administrative division, including billing, budgeting, accounts payable, payroll, contract payments and project budgeting.

Projects & Programs

IT Administration also plays a leadership role in the development, planning, implementation and maintenance of all new and existing IT Projects and Programs. Overall these administrative activities ensure alignment to the IT Strategic Plan, innovation, digital transformation and an effective and efficient allocation of resources.