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​Infrastructure includes all networking, telecommunication and security functions in support of the organization, which includes operations, network customer service and innovation. Network storage and cyber security are growing issues for the City as technology advances and more reliance on digital formats rather than paper storage occurs. The Infrastructure division is playing a key role in researching and implementing the most efficient and innovative solutions to ensure adequate capacity and safety of City content as demand rapidly increases. The Security team plays an ever-expanding role in ensuring that City assets are safe and operational.

Security & Network

IT provides digital security of all assets, including a secure network with high-speed and reliable connectivity where and when needed, on any device to ensure work activities can be achieved at the lowest possible cost. Operations seek to minimize any downtime by protecting the network from external corruption through advanced monitoring tools, upgrading when necessary, and timing upgrades so they occur during off-business hours.


Operations involves planning, research and support for all hardware and software utilized in connecting devices, systems and customers.


The Innovation function is responsible for suggesting and implementing change where business value exists and where technology can be used to enhance, modify or replace an existing process.

Customer Service

In addition to providing and operating the infrastructure, staff work to provide the highest quality technology customer service for all customers. Expansion of mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart City technologies are creating new demands on City Infrastructure.