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Public GIS Application

Zoning, Parks, Schools, Council Districts and Flood Zones

The GIS Mapping website offers you the opportunity to learn more about GIS and how you can utilize interactive maps to locate the nearest parks and bicycle paths, find out which council district or school district you reside in, learn about zoning for your residence, view aerial photographs, and much more!

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Find Crimes in Your Neighborhood

After opening the application you can go to the "Analyze & Report" tab, and use the Crime Search tool to find Wichita crime incidents within the last 3 months near addresses, Parks, Schools, or within Council Districts, HOA's, Neighborhood Associations, WPD Beats, or Zip Codes. Also you can print a report of the crimes that are found. The Wichita Police Statistics website also offers you the opportunity to view reports, crime maps, and WPD contact information.

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