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Appeal Cases

​What does it mean for a case to be appealed?

When a defendant does not agree with the ruling of the judge in our courts, they have 14 days to appeal. This means the defendant wants a judge in a different court (the District Court) to review the facts of the case and determine if the Municipal Court ruling was correct. While this does not necessarily mean that you will have to testify again, in some cases you might.

If the District Court judge agrees with the Municipal Court judge, the appeal is “dismissed” and sent back (remanded) to our court. This means that the defendant will have to comply with the Municipal Court judges sentencing.

What do I do if I receive a subpoena for a District Court Appeal?

Contact your Victim/Witness Advocate. Many court dates during the appeal process are continued. If you contact your Advocates closer to the court date, they will have a better idea if the case is going to be continued or not. Victims and witnesses will also receive a letter from the Prosecutor’s Office notifying them that the case has been appealed.