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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have questions about the different types of court hearings, please visit Court Hearings.

expand Q : Are children allowed in court? ‎(1)
expand Q : Can I drop charges? ‎(1)
expand Q : How do I get/drop a No Contact Order? ‎(1)
expand Q : How long will court take? ‎(1)
expand Q : How many times will I have to go to court? ‎(1)
expand Q : If I get a subpoena, do I have to come to court? ‎(1)
expand Q : What do I do if I am scared to be in the courtroom? ‎(1)
expand Q : What if I need an interpreter? ‎(1)
expand Q : What if I'm seeking restitution? ‎(1)
expand Q : What is a subpoena? ‎(1)
expand Q : What is my role as a victim or witness? ‎(1)
expand Q : What should I do if a crime occurs? ‎(1)
expand Q : Where do I park? ‎(1)