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Amusement Park and Temporary Amusement Rides

Amusement park means inflatables, kiddie rides or amusement rides which are permanently attached to the real estate where such rides are operated.

Amusement ride means any inflatable or mechanical or electrical device that carries or conveys passengers along, around or over a fixed or restricted route or course or within a defined area for the purpose of giving its passengers amusement, pleasure, thrills or excitement and shall include:

  1. Rides commonly known as ferris wheels, carousels, parachute towers, bungee jumping, reverse bungee jumping, tunnels of love and roller coasters;
  2. Equipment generally associated with winter activities, such as ski lifts, ski tows, j-bars, 5-bars, chair lifts and aerial tramways;
  3. Equipment not originally designed to be used as an amusement ride, such as cranes or other lifting devices, when used as part of an amusement ride; Kiddie rides, and
  4. Temporary amusement rides.

Amusement Park and Temporary Amusement Rides Information Sheet Amusement Park and Temporary Amusement Rides Application​


Each clairvoyant, fortuneteller, palmist, phrenologist, mind reader, character reader from handwriting, astrologist, fortune teller through astrology, or crystal gazer, doing business in the city.

Clairvoyant Information SheetClairvoyant Application​

Coin-Operated Amusement/Music Devices

A person engaged in the business either as an independent owner or an operator of any coin-operated amusement or music device in the city. These devices, for amusement only, are played or activated by the insertion of a coin whereby a score or other indication is registered or kept in connection with the playing or operating of the device. This does not include food vending machines.

Operator: Any individual, partnership, or corporation who owns coin-operated amusement or music devices and places them in locations other than their own for a percentage of the income/rent.

Independent Owner: Any individual, partnership, or corporation who owns coin-operated amusement or music devices and operates them in their own place(s) of business.

Coin-Operated Amusement/Music Devices Information Sheet Coin-Operated Amusement/Music Devices Application​


Domino Table

Any person engaged in the business of operating a domino table in the city.

Domino Table Information Sheet Domino Table Application​

Entertainment Establishment

An Entertainment Establishment license shall be required for any event center, any person or entity which provides entertainment as any single event, a series of events, or an ongoing activity or business, occurring alone or as part of another business, or any person or entity which provides a venue for any such entertainment to which the public is invited or allowed to watch, listen, or participate, or is conducted for the purposes of hold the attention of, gaining the attention of, or diverting or amusing patrons, including, but not limited to any of the following:

  • Dancing by patron(s) to live or recorded music,
  • The presentation of music played on sound equipment operated by an agent or contractor of the establishment, commonly known as ‘disc jockey’ or ‘DJ, or
  • The presentation of live music whether amplified or unamplified, or
  • The presentation of music videos, music concerts or other similar forms of musical entertainment from any source, or
  • Any amusement or event such as live music or other live performance which is knowingly permitted by any Entertainment Establishment, including, but not limited to, presentations by single or multiple performers, such as hypnotists, pantomimes, comedians, dance arts, concerts, dances, live bands, karaoke or other live music.

An Entertainment Establishment license does not include book readings, storytelling, or the playing of ambient music. An Entertainment Establishment license is not required for several other activities, as set forth in Section 3.30.050 of the City Code. This ordinance covers entertainment establishments, teen clubs, art galleries, coffee shops and musicstore/music only venues.

Entertainment Establishment Information Sheet Entertainment Establishment - Individual or Sole Proprietorship Application Entertainment Establishment - Partnership, Firm or Association Application Entertainment Establishment - Corporation or LLC Application​

Parachute Jumping/Skydiving

Any person conducting an exhibition of skydiving or parachute jumping over the corporate limits of the city.

Parachute Jumping/Skydiving Information Sheet Parachute Jumping/Skydiving Application​

Shooting Gallery

Any person engaged in operating a shooting gallery, either with live ammunition, air or spring-propelled mechanism, or any electric eye in the city.

Shooting Gallery Information Sheet Shooting Gallery Application​

Swimming, Wading, or Spa Pools and Recreational Water Features

No person shall operate a regulated swimming pool, a wading pool, a regulated spa pool or other recreational water feature without a valid license issued by the City.

Swimming, Wading or Spa Pools and Recreational Water Features Information Sheet Swimming, Wading or Spa Pools and Recreational Water Features Application​


Any person engaged in the business of operating a moving picture show or theatrical production in the city.

Theatre Information Sheet Theatre Application