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Alarm Business

In accordance with City Code section 3.40.030 (b) a person engaged in altering, installing, maintaining, repairing or servicing alarm systems within the city is to be certified for the particular classification of system involved.

Alarm Business Information Sheet Alarm Business Application

Citizen Access Card (CAC)

Persons who are not employees of the City, but who attend meetings or conduct official business on a re-occurring basis, may apply for and be approved to receive a Citizen Access Card (CAC). A CAC will authorize the holder to bypass security measures and security screening during public access hours.

Citizen Access Card Information Sheet Citizen Access Card Application​

Private Merchant Police

Any person, firm or corporation who engages in the business for hire to provide protective service for the property of others and whose duties and activities include patrolling, guarding, or watching property under contract as a protective service.

Private Merchant Police Information Sheet Private Merchant Police Application​​​​​​