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Airport Limousine Company

Any motor vehicle carrying passengers for hire from or to any point at the Mid-Continent Airport.

Airport Limousine Company Information Sheet Airport Limousine Company Application

Airport Limousine Driver

Any person acting as a driver of a transportation service at Mid-Continent Airport.

Airport Limousine Driver Information Sheet Airport Limousine Driver Application​

Ambulance and Medi-Coach Company

Any person, company or corporation who has the legal right or control of specifically factory-constructed vehicles equipped or used for the transportation of wounded, injured, sick or deceased persons, for hire within the corporate limits of the city. No license shall be required for any ambulance service that has been established and exists pursuant to a contract between the City of Wichita and the Board of County Commissioners.

Ambulance and Medi-Coach Information Sheet Ambulance and Medi-Coach Company Application​

Ambulance Driver and EMT

Any person acting as a driver or Emergency Medical Technician of an ambulance.

Ambulance Driver and EMT Information Sheet Ambulance Driver and EMT Application​

Charter Limousine Service

Any person, company, or corporation who has the legal right or control of specifically factory-constructed luxury motor vehicles which, with chauffeur provided, are hired out for exclusive use to persons on an hourly basis.

Charter Limousine Service Information Sheet Charter Limousine Service Application​

Funeral Escort Service

Any person or entity hired to direct and/or control traffic for a funeral procession while escorting the procession through the streets and highways of the city.

Funeral Escort Service Information Sheet Funeral Escort Service Application​


Any person responsible for and involved with helicopters, helistops, and heliports in the city.

Helistop/Heliport Information Sheet Helistop/Heliport Application​

Money Transportation

Any person engaged in the business of the transportation of money or securities for hire within the Wichita city limits.

Money Transportation Information Sheet Money Transportation Application​

Solid Waste Decals

Any person, firm, or corporation doing work as a business in one of the following categories:

  1. Covered Truck: A vehicle used for collection of industrial waste, demolition and construction waste, bulky waste or tree waste. Sideboards and tailgate must have any openings covered with a canvas or similar cover.
  2. Enclosed Truck: A vehicle used for collection of commercial trash and industrial solid waste but not garbage. Truck bed must be all steel, liquid-tight and totally enclosed.
  3. Flat Bed Truck: A vehicle used for collection of tree waste only. The tree waste must be secured with chains, ropes or otherwise and no part of the load shall hang over the sides or drag from the rear.
  4. Open Bed Truck: A vehicle used for collection of bulky waste, residential bulky waste and tree waste. The truck bed must have sideboards and tailgate that effectively contains the bulky waste.
  5. Packer Truck: A vehicle used for collection of residential trash, commercial garbage, commercial trash and industrial solid waste. The truck bed must be liquid-tight containing mechanical devices that convey solid waste into the main compartment of the body and compresses it.
  6. Sewage Tank Truck: A vehicle used only for the collection and transportation of sewage not otherwise classified as a hazardous waste. Truck bed must be made of metal or fiberglass with a liquid-tight construction. All openings of the truck bed shall be kept closed except when waste is being deposited into or removed from the truck and shall effectively contain the solid waste.
  7. Special Truck: A vehicle used for collection of hazardous waste and special waste as required and approved by the Health Department.
  8. Trailer: A non self-propelled vehicle used only for the collection of salvage material such as paper and metal and, if approved by the Health Department, solid waste material. The trailer must be completely enclosed with doors.

Solid Waste Decal Vehicle Guide Solid Waste Decals Information Sheet Solid Waste Collector License Application

Taxicab Company/Taxi Vehicles

Any owner or operator of vehicles carrying passengers for hire for which a public patronage is solicited and not operated over a fixed route.

Taxicab Company Information Sheet Taxicab Company Application Taxicab Vehicle Inspection Permit Application Taxi Comment Form

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Taxicab Driver

Any person who drives any motor vehicle carrying passengers over any route for a fixed fee.

Scan and email comment form to​, fax a copy to the fax number (316) 858-7527, or mail to:

Cit​y Hall
Business Licensing
455 N. Main Street
Wichita, KS 67202​​​

Taxicab Driver Information Sheet Taxicab Driver Application Taxi Comment Form​​​