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Application Process


You can apply to join the Mayor's Youth Council if you...

  • Are currently in grades 8-11.​
  • Live in the City of Wichita.
  • Have a grade point average of at least 2.5.
  • Have a passion for serving your community.
  • Want to learn about city government and be a leader among Wichita Youth.

How to A​pply

  1. Complete (please print or type)​ and sign this application.
  2. Obtain your parent's or legal guardian's signature, giving you permission to participate in MYC (if you are under 18).
  3. Attach two letters of recommendation.
  4. Attach your transcript or another official verification of your cumulative grade point average.
  5. Submit your application by using one of the following methods:
  6. Mail or deliver the application to:
    1. Mayor's Youth Council​
      City Manager's Office
      City Hall, 455 N. Main St., 13th Floor
      Wichita, KS 67202                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (Note: In the midst of the cornaovirus pandemic, submitting applications by physical mail is NOT our preferred method of delivery. While City Hall is closed applicants may experience a delay in their applications being processed, if submitted by mail. Please sumbit applications via email, if at all possible, to avoid poential delays). 
    2. Email a signed copy of the application of
      In the subject line, please type, "[First Name] [Last Name] - MYC Application"
      Example: John Doe - MYC Application
      ​Send only PDFs or Word documents, no image files or pictures of the application.

​Selecti​​on Criteria

  • The student's interest in serving on the Council. Participation includes attending one MYC regular meeting and one MYC issue group meeting each month, along with regular volunteering outings and other events as they arise.
  • The student's history of active community involvement, volunteerism, a desire to serve others, and public service.
  • The student's interest in potentially pursuing a college education and career in public service.
  • The student's desire to develop his/her leadership potential.
  • The student's history of academic achievement.
  • Feedback from the student's references.
  • An interview with the selection committee.​​​​​​​​