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Wichita’s Airfares More Affordable, Federal Study Shows

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Wichita Mid-Continent Airport had the country’s 13th largest airline fare decrease since 2000 and now ranks 43rd in average fare, according to research by the federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS). The bureau recently released its third quarter 2010 domestic air fare study, which reported that Wichita’s average airline fare in the third quarter was slight less than $347 - in line with the current U.S. average of $340 and is less than the average fare at Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

While average fares at Kansas City are still less than Wichita’s, the gap has narrowed significantly, according to the report. In 2000, the fare difference between Wichita and Kansas City was $148; that difference is now only $36. Wichita’s fares are now 18% less than in 2000, when the average Wichita fare was $422 and the U.S. average fare was $337. The third quarter 2010 average fare at Wichita increased 10% from 2009, while the U.S. average increased 11%.

According to Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer, “The State’s Affordable Air Fares program clearly is responsible for the lowering of airline prices in Wichita. We are looking forward to a continuation of this highly successful program because it not only lowers air fares, but it is an important investment that brings money back into the State coffers and benefits all Kansans with better airline service and improved economic benefits.”

3rd Qtr. 2010
2009 – 2010
2000 – 2010
Wichita $346.61 +10.23% -17.79%
Tulsa $370.04 +15.26% +20.10%
Oklahoma City $378.73 +11.45% +21.64%
Kansas City $310.46 +14.1% +11.35%
US Average $339.71 +10.67% +0.91%


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