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Juvenile Underage Drinking Special Assignment

Contact: Officer Mike Lloyd |

The Wichita Police Department conducted a Juvenile Underage Drinking Group Education/Enforcement (JUDGE) Special Assignment on Saturday. There were 107 establishments checked with the assistance of the State of Kansas Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC). Of the 107 establishments that were checked, 13 were cited for selling alcohol to underage individuals.

“Each buyer (decoy) had their real Kansas DL or Kansas Id card with them. The compliance checks went well and most businesses were cooperative with us. ” said Officer Mike Lloyd, the JUDGE Program Coordinator for WPD. Officer Lloyd indicated that with the upcoming high school prom season and graduations that the Wichita Police Department will be very active when it comes to underage alcohol education and enforcement.

The JUDGE program is mini-grant funded by the Kansas Department of Transportation’s “Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws” (EUDL) grant. Residents who suspect underage drinkers are encouraged to report such activity to the police department. Citizens can call the police Substations at the following numbers: Patrol East 350-3420, Patrol North 350-3400, Patrol South 350-3440 and Patrol West 350-3460.

Party Patrols/Compliance Checks (March 1, 2011 to April 9th, 2011) Total
1. No. of House Parties checked 3
No. of Underage Parties Broken Up 2
2. No. of Juveniles Contacted 19
3. No. of Parents Contacted 17
4. Amount of Alcohol Containers Found 46
5. No. of Adults Cited for Furnishing Alcohol 9
6. No of Liquor Store Checks 93
No. of Liquor Stores cited for Furnish 11
7. No. of Bar Checks 48
No. of Bars cited for Furnishing 6
8. No. of Retail Stores Checked (grocery) 20
No. of Retail Stores cited for Furnishing 3
Underage Drinking Violations (March 1, 2011 to April 9th, 2011) Total
1. No. of Minors in Possession/Consumption 19


Establishments that were cited in the Saturday JUDGE Special Assignment.

  • Hammond Retail Liquor - 8909 W. Kellogg
  • Maplewood Wine & Spirits - 13605 W. Maple
  • Bowden’s Dis. Liq. - 2545 N. Hillside
  • Kobe Steak House - 2330 N. Maize
  • Conoco - 1521 E. Pawnee
  • Louie’s - 2736 S. Hydraulic
  • A1 - 1702 E. Morris
  • Central Liquor - 1419 ½ E. Central
  • Dave’s Dis. Liq. - 956 N. Grove
  • Ken Mar Liquor - 4703 E. 13th
  • Dave’s Liquor Store - 847 S. Oliver
  • Conoco - 433 S. Greenwich
  • Old Chicago - 7626 E. Kellogg
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