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WFD Fireworks Alert

Contact: Chief Prevention Officer Bob Thompson |

Avoid “Sky Lantern,” caution on sidewalks and streets

The Wichita Fire Department (WFD) is urging all residents in the City of Wichita and surrounding communities to not purchase a fireworks product called “Sky Lantern”. The lantern’s are illegal in the City of Wichita, but can be purchased in fireworks tents located outside of the city.

The fire department believes the product labeling of directions and cautions listed on the “Sky Lantern” packaging create a potential fire and injury hazard. This product is designed to be ignited while held in a person’s hand. The product, which has an open flame, is then released into the atmosphere to drift away with no directional control. This product could land on citizens’ homes, in trees, power lines or other obstructions, which could result in a fire.

Relatedly, WFD is reminding residents that shooting fireworks on city streets and sidewalks is legal but can lead to Injury; so caution should be taken. Residents risk being injured by a passing vehicle and parked cars can be damaged. WFD recommends shooting fireworks from your driveway or private property.

The fire department is also asking residents to clean up firework debris and properly dispose it. Remember to wet your used fireworks before placing them into a trash receptacle.

For more information regarding firework safety, please call Fire Prevention at 268-4441. For a list of approved fireworks and additional safety tips, visit

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