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Chinese delegation visit to Wichita delayed

Contact: Dale Goter, Government Relations Manager |

A Chinese delegation scheduled to visit Wichita this week for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has postponed its trip.

The delegation from the city of Zhenjiang planned to attend a Sunday reception with a number of Wichita area business and industrial representatives. A formal signing of the MOU between the cities of Wichita and Zhenjiang was also scheduled for Monday at City Hall.

The postponement of the Chinese delegation visit was prompted by internal government changes in China that required the reassignment of Zhenjiang Mayor Zhu Xiaom. No replacement date has been identified.

In a letter to Mayor Carl Brewer, Mayor Zhu Xiaom expressed great regret for the postponement and encouraged Mayor Brewer to continue the relationship with the Chinese City. (Letter attached in JPEG format)

The MOU, approved by the Wichita City Council on Tuesday, would allow Wichita companies to provide information, services and products either directly to Chinese companies or through joint venture projects. It could also lead to foreign direct investment by Chinese companies in Wichita.

Under the MOU, a general aviation joint committee would be created, comprised of business and government representatives. A single joint aviation committee would be responsible for coordinating activities for all cities with whom Wichita enters into an MOU for aviation products and services.

The MOU was developed by Kansas Global Trade Services, under contract with the City of Wichita to develop and implement the Global Air Capital-China initiative.

Kansas Global Trade Services, based in Wichita, promotes and facilitates international trade through education, communication, research and assistance. KGTS provides specialized assistance and research to companies wishing to expand their access to the global marketplace, or to enter it for the first time.

In addition to providing consulting and targeted services and research for companies that are actively seeking international trade opportunities, KGTS also conducts promotional campaigns, language classes, seminars, trade missions and presentations aimed at creating awareness of such opportunities.
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