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Rabid Skunks Found In Wichita

Contact: Dennis Graves, Animal Control Supervisor, (316) 350-3360 |

Pet owners should vaccinate all pets

Wichita Animal Control has confirmed that three rabid skunks were found in east Wichita and officials are encouraging pet owners to vaccinate their pets.

The rabid skunks had contact with owned pets in the 5100 block of E. Pine, the 11500 Block of Wilshire Terrace, and the 1700 block of N. Sagebrush. The incidents are not related.

Pets at the residents may have been exposed to the skunks. As a precaution, the dogs will be placed under home quarantines for observation in accordance with State of Kansas protocol for possible exposure to rabid animals.

Rabies is caused by a virus which can infect warm-blooded mammals, including humans. The rabies virus is found in the saliva of a rabid animal and is transmitted by a bite or possibly by contamination of an open cut. Bats, raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, foxes, cats and dogs represent about 95% of animals diagnosed with rabies in the United States.

Rabies infection is preventable in pets and humans using simple precautionary measures. The Animal Control Section of the Wichita Police Department advises all pet owners to check with their veterinarian to be sure that their pets are up to date on rabies vaccinations. Skunks, raccoons, and bats in this area are known to carry the deadly rabies virus. Skunks can become very active in the cooler fall weather preparing for winter. Pets can be exposed if they are bitten by one of these animals. Annual vaccinations provide protection for both pets and their owners, and are required by law.

  2. Keep pets on a leash when outside a fenced yard and never allow your pet to run at large. If your pet has contact with a wild animal, please report this to the animal control section at (316) 350-3360.
  3. Animal proof your home and yard. Make sure all garbage containers have tight fitting lids, do not leave pet food outside, and keep yard free of garbage and debris.
  4. Enjoy wildlife from a distance. DO NOT attempt to feed, approach, touch, or rescue wild animals. If you see wild mammal acting unusual in this area, report it to the Animal Control Section at (316) 350-3360.
  5. Immediately report any animal showing signs of unusual behavior. Signs of unusual animal behavior include:
    • Loss of coordination, paralysis, or difficulty moving
    • Wild animals may act as if they are tame or friendly
    • Sickly appearance
    • Increased saliva or drooling
    • Aggressiveness

If you or a loved-one is ever bitten or scratched by any animal, wash the exposed site immediately with soap and water, and seek immediate medical care. Be sure to report the incident to Wichita Animal Control at (316) 350-3360.

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