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Winter Storm Driving Tips

Contact: Lt. Joseph A. Schroeder, Wichita Police Department |
In anticipation of the forecasted winter storm, the Wichita Police Department on Friday reminded motorists to drive safely and observe the following tips:
• Plan extra time to reach your destination;
• Keep your vehicle in proper working order;
• Slow in slick conditions;
• Allow for extra stopping distance;
• Clear windows and windshield of ice, snow and other obstructions;
• And stay away from safety equipment on the roads.
Winter storms produce hazardous driving conditions due to ice, snow, and rain, despite efforts to keep roads clean and safe.  When a vehicle’s tires begin to lose traction with the roadway, the control and ability to steer or stop a vehicle is greatly reduced. Vehicles tend to lose traction on the roadway when accelerating, braking, changing lanes, or turning.  It is important for drivers to recognize this and reduce speed and increase following distance in anticipation of sudden hazards that can result in a collision.
“It only takes one spot of ice to cause an accident, “said Lt. Joseph A. Schroeder of WPD. “It is more important to be able to stop than it is to get up to speed.
Driving conditions can change without warning and require constant vigilance.  Always be aware that overpasses, bridges and elevated roadways tend to become slick before other parts of the roadway.  If a driver notices precipitation on the windshield and the temperature is below freezing, assume that ice is forming on the road.
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