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WFD: Take Precaution with Smoking Materials

Contact: Brad Crisp, Fire Marshal |
Wichita Fire Department (WFD) officials are reminding residents to take precautions with smoking materials.  Every year residents experience numerous fires due to discarded cigarettes and careless smoking.  In 2015, careless smoking caused 36 fires in Wichita. This year, the city has recorded 20 cases. 

Please keep these tips in mind to avoid becoming a victim:
%EF%82%A7 Be cautious of where you smoke and never smoke in bed. 
%EF%82%A7 Extinguish cigarettes completely.  Do not walk away from lit cigarettes and other smoking materials. Put water on the ashes and butts to make sure they are really out before you dispose of them.  A metal container with a lid is the best solution.
%EF%82%A7 Use ashtrays with a wide base so they do not tip over and start a fire.  Never throw cigarettes in the grass, mulch or in planters. It’s best to put cigarettes out in an ashtray or bucket with sand. 
%EF%82%A7 Do not smoke while intoxicated or after taking medicine that makes you tired. You may not be able to prevent or escape from a fire if you are sleepy or have taken medicine that makes you tired.
%EF%82%A7 Never smoke around medical oxygen. Smoking near medical oxygen can lead to a rapidly spreading fire.  
For additional information, please contact Fire Prevention at 268-4441, visit, or find WFD on Facebook and Twitter.

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