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With the 2016 elections approaching, City of Wichita officials are reminding candidates and citizens that the City’s Sign Code (Title 24.04.215 of the City Code) prohibits all signs, including political signs, on public rights-of-way, or on public property. The City rights-of -way are part of a street lying between adjacent property lines, including the vehicle travel area, and may include a public sidewalk, and unpaved areas between the travel lanes and adjacent property lines. Examples of public property are public buildings, parks, drainage ways and creeks.

Signs are not allowed on City rights-of-way for various reasons. Not only are they unsightly and can contribute to urban blight, but, more importantly, they can present a public safety hazard. Temporary signs improperly placed in City rights-of-way or on public property can:

  • Cause sight obstructions and distractions endangering motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians;
  • Block sight lines at driveways and intersections, endangering motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians;
  • Blow into traffic, possibly causing property damage or accidents; and
  • Pose a hazard to utility workers.

For these reasons, no temporary signs, including political signs, are allowed on City rights-of-way, or on public property. Signs improperly placed on City rights-of-way or public property may be removed by either City staff, a volunteer sign removal group, or by an adjacent property owner. Any sign that is removed may be recovered by payment of a $25 per sign recovery fee. If placement on the rights-of-way or public property continues, charges may be filed in Municipal Court.

For more information, please contact Zoning/License/Sign Section staff at 316-268-4479.

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