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City Launches New Online License System

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City government is launching a new online license system that will make it easier to do business with local government. The City’s Business Licensing pision issues more than 50,000 licenses a year which include dog, garage sales and business licenses. Soon, all of the license holders will have the opportunity to renew their license with the City from their smartphone, tablet or computer thanks to the new online license renewal system.

Garage Sale Licenses (10% of all licenses issued):

When Dillon’s grocery stores ended its long partnership with the City selling garage sale permits from their customer service counters on January 1st, citizens were left with two options: going to the Express Office Business Licensing window on the 1st floor of City Hall or purchasing a permit at The Wichita Eagle. Now they can purchase their garage sale permit online. Not only can citizens get a permit, but the new online system will allow users to add information about each sale, including what merchandise is offered at the sale (e.g., tools, books, clothing, furniture, etc.). Permittees can add a “classified” ad about their sale to be carried on the City’s website. This information will be available to citizens in an online search function where a map will also pinpoint the location of sales satisfying someone’s search criteria and a report can be printed listing each sale. Instead of going garage selling, Wichitans will be able to go garage sailing. Click, click. Done.

Dog Licenses (more than 50% of all licenses issued):

For many, the annual renewal of Spot’s dog license means a trip to City Hall or hassling with making photocopies and preparing a mailing. Now that license renewal will be only a click away. After setting up an account in the City’s pet licensing system, pet owners can check on the status of their pet’s license, update their address or other information, and renew their license.

Business Licenses (more than 2,000 of all licenses issued):

The busy entrepreneurs operating a business out of their home, the owner of a food establishment, and the local tobacco merchant will all now be able to renew their license with the City without having to take time away to drive downtown. These are just the first of many business licenses that will be available for renewal online. We used to say about something this easy, “it’s a snap,” but now, “it’s a click!”

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