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City Streamlining Meter Reading Routes

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Some City of Wichita water customers may experience a change to their March 2022 water bill date due to streamlined meter reading routes. In 2016, the City shifted from collecting water meter information by walking routes and using handheld devices to Automated Meter Reading (AMR), which allowed information to be communicated to a vehicle as it drove past the meter. In 2021, an improvement project began that redesigned routes to be more AMR-efficient. As of January 2022, there are 361 routes for reading 160,000 water meters each month. The new route design implemented in February 2022 will reduce this to 233 routes.

The new efficient routes will also help to reduce labor hours and cut down on gas emissions from vehicles to help the environment and allow customers to monitor their water usage more closely.

No employees are being lost with the improved efficiencies; employees who read meters will be able to more quickly respond to customer requests, troubleshoot and replace meters and more.

While most Wichita water ratepayers will not see a change, the customers who may be most impacted have been mailed a postcard. Changes in typical billing amounts for ratepayers are expected to be minimal, but customers may call (316) 265-1300 or email for help with their water bill.

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