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Swim Classes

COVID-19 Update

We are sad to announce that we do not anticipate pools or splash pads will open until 2021. This is for several reasons:

  1. The uncertainty still presented by COVID-19 – we have heard of outbreaks at pools in other communities and we want to keep residents and staff as safe as possible.
  2. The budget shortfall caused by the pandemic requires us to prioritize services.
  3. Keeping our pools and splash pads closed will allow the Aquatics Master Plan Renovations to be completed in time for the 2021 swim season. Read more about the Master Plan.
Online registration is in progress and ends Friday, May 26. Visa/Mastercard only. Register online
Registration is being done in person at the pool where the program is being held. CASH or CHECK only. See our swimming class schedule

Pool Contact Numbers

May 27 - August 14

​Aley ​838-9685
College Hill​ 838-9687​
Evergreen​ 838-9690​
​Harvest 838-9688
Linwood​ 838-9686
Minisa​ ​838-9694
​Orchard ​838-9695

Private/Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Lessons arranged directly with the instructor and includes four, 30-minute lessons.

Fee is $50 for the first person and $25 for each additional person.

Contact the pool directly to register and check on instructor availability.

Location: All pools

Adult Aqua Aerobics

(Ages 16+)

Use the water's natural resistance to increase cardiovascular endurance and muscle tone for a low-impact workout.

Contact the pool directly to register.

Location: Aley & Orchard

Aqua Adaptive Aerobics

(Ages 16+)

Designed for individuals with physical limitations such as arthritis, weight issues, or are recovering from injuries.

Improve muscle strength, endurance and range of motion while reducing impact on the joints.

Participants need to be able to enter and exit the pool using adaptive steps.

Contact the pool directly to register.

Location: Orchard

Adult Swimming Lessons

(Ages 16+)

A total of eight, 45-minute lessons for beginning level instruction.

A waitlist will be taken and a class time/location scheduled when there are 4 students interested.

Call (316) 268-4390 to pre-register.

Location: Linwood & Orchard

Junior Lifeguard Class

(Ages 11-14)

American Red Cross Junior Lifeguard Program bridges the gap between swim lessons and lifeguard preparation. Participants will learn lifesaving skills to better prepare them to become future lifeguards. A 45-minute pre-course skills test will be held on June 5, 2018.

Participants must pass the pre-course to continue in this class.

Call (316) 268-4390 to register.

Location: Harvest

Youth Swimming Lessons

(Ages 3-5)

  • Tot Aquatics 
  • Parent/Tot Aquatics

Contact the pool directly to register.

Location: College Hill, Harvest, Linwood & Orchard

​Red Cross Swim Levels

Please use the descriptions below as a starting point to place your kid in the appropriate swim level. Levels will be assessed and reevaluated the first day of lessons.

Level 1 - Introduction to Water Skills

The goal of Level 1 is to learn basic personal water safety information skills to help participants feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely. Level 1 skills include: safely entering/exiting the water, blowing bubbles, bobbing, opening eyes underwater to retrieve objects, front and back floats and gliding, alternating arm and leg action, and combined stroke movement. Most skills are performed with support.

Level 2 - Fundamental Aquatic Skills

the goal of Level 2 is to help swimmers who have achieved comfort in the water gain familiarity with fundamental skills and achieve success with support. Level 2 focuses on teaching swimmers to float and glide on their front and back, develop simultaneous and alternating leg actions, beginning fundamentals of side breathing, and lay a foundation for future strokes - all without support from the instructor.

Level 3 - Stroke Development

The goal of Level 3 is to build on previously learned skills and provide additional guided practice. Level 3 is for swimmers who are able to swim with combined stroke on front and back. This level focuses on making swimmers comfortable and safe in deep water, teaches front crawl and elementary backstroke, builds on the fundamentals of treading water, and introduces head first entries.

Level 4 - Stroke Improvement

The goal of Level 4 is to develop swimmer's confidence in the strokes learned thus far and to improve other aquatic skills. Level 4 focuses on increasing endurance by swimming familiar strokes and adding sidestroke, back crawl, breaststroke, and advancing head first entries and treading water.

Level 5 - Stroke Refinement

The goal of Level 5 is to coordinate and refine strokes. Level 5 is for swimmers who are competent in all strokes as well as basic diving techniques. Level 5 swimmers will focus on refining their stroke techniques, incorporate flip turns, increase their swimming distance, and improve on dive entries.

Level 6 - Swimming and Swimming Proficiency: Fitness Swimmer

The goal of Level 6/Fitness Swimmer is to refine strokes so swimmers will be more at ease, efficient, powerful, and have greater endurance. Fitness Swimmer skills include circle swimming, using a pace clock, using kickboards, and an endurance swim of 500 yards.