Splashpads and Water Playgrounds
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Splash Pads

Based on weather conditions, water playgrounds will be turned on every year in late May and will run through approximately October.

Splash Pads

Come cool off in one of our interactive fountains during May-September! 

Fun fact... all fountains are designed to be water conscious. To start the water fountains at a splash pad, the activator button on site must be pushed.

New in 2021 was the addition of four new splash pads located at: Evergreen, Edgemoor, Boston and Linwood parks.

No admission fee is required. 

Children and adults are encouraged to play, but NO PETS are allowed.

We recommend patrons follow these guidelines and view rules:

  • Do not drink the water
  • If ill, do not visit a splash pad
  • Children in diapers should wear leak proof pull-ups

Splash Pad Rules

Looking for information on the Fountains at WaterWalk?

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Splash Pads Hours of Operation

August 15 - September 30

Splash Pads Hours

Boston, Buffalo, Edgemoor, Evergreen, Linwood, Riverside

M-F: 4-8pm
Sa-Su: 10am - 8pm

​Fairmount, Lincoln, Old Town, Osage


Boston Park

6655 E. Zimmerly St

Visit Boston Park

Buffalo Park

10201 Hardtner

Visit Buffalo Park

Edgemoor Park

5813 E. 9th St. N.

Visit Edgemoor Park

Evergreen Park

2700 N. Woodland Ave

Visit Evergreen Park

Fairmount Park

1647 N Yale
(Closed for the season)

Visit Fairmount Park

Lincoln Park 

1323 S Topeka
(Closed for the season)

Visit Lincoln Park

Linwood South Park

1901 S. Kansas

Visit Linwood South Park

Old Town Plaza

301 N Mead

(Closed for the season)

Osage Park

2121 W 31st St S

(Closed for the season)

Visit Osage Park

Riverside Central Park

720 Nims

Visit Riverside Central Park