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Adult Kickball

Check out Park & Recreation’s Adult Coed Kickball League on Wednesday evenings! Teams play 12 games (double headers) over six weeks. Coed teams play with 10 players on the field and must have a minimum of 4 girls.

How to Register

Spring Registration: Stay tuned...coming 2022!

Fall Registration: July 26 - August 25

Price per team: $350

Register a team onlineOne person can create a team with easy online registration! Click 'Register Online' below, add Kickball League to your cart, create an account and pay online with Visa/MasterCard.

Register Online

Register a team by phone: (316) 268-4129 with Visa/MasterCard

Register as a single player: Add your name to the Single Player Pool list below and Wichita Athletics will add you to a team.

Playing Location

Spring League: 

Fall League: Wednesday evenings starting September 1

South Lakes Softball Complex
5300 S Meridian

Submit your Team Roster

Once you have completed team registration over the phone or online, submit your team roster here.

The team roster requires all team members' first,last names and email addresses.

Submit Team Roster

Single Player Pool

If you would like your name to be on the list, please fill out the form.

If you have been selected for a team, please resubmit application stating so - place note in any field, please include name.

Submit your name

Carlos RiemannM620-200-1701Any
Jennifer JackleF417-396-5387Any
Shasta KerrF316-390-4484Any
Shane PalmerM316-518-1372Any
Michael FuhmeisterM918-919-9445Any
Chase ShiresM832-523-2595Any
Amanda RobertsF316-201-8233Any
Mary YoungF316-993-6439myeyez60@gmail.comAny
Rusty CarbaughF918-914-2357Any
Sara AnsteyF616-773-9330sara.anstey@gmail.comAny
Dominique MilsapF316-737-9758dmilsap05@gmail.comAny
Alex RichmeierM316-573-8242alexrich573@gmail.comAny
RaeAnn ChildressF316-927-0723childressraeann@yahoo.comAny
Daniel MM316-249-2416ictjayhawk03@gmail.comAny
Jaclyn PerezF316-803-250205jaclynperez@gmail.comAny
Parker RM785-320-0017parkerrome@gmail.com2B, SS, RF, RC, LF
Jeremiah A MagnessM316-644-8967jmagness2@gmail.comAny
Chuck ChaneyM316-749-0036chuck8303@gmail.comAny
Ian BurfordM316-641-8540kirby.burford@gmail.comAny

​Schedules, Standings & Rules

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