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Adult Kickball

Check out Park & Recreation’s Adult Coed Kickball League on Wednesday evenings! Teams play 12 games (double headers) over six weeks. Coed teams play with 10 players on the field and must have a minimum of 4 girls.

How to Register

Spring Registration: January 3 - April 9

Fall Registration: TBD

Price per team: $375

Register a team online: One person can create a team with easy online registration! Click 'Register Online' below, add Kickball League to your cart, create an account and pay online with Visa/MasterCard.

Register Online - Sunday LeagueRegister Online - Wednesday League

Register a team by phone: (316) 268-4129 with Visa/MasterCard

Register as a single player: Add your name to the Single Player Pool list below and Wichita Athletics will add you to a team.

Playing Location

Spring League: Wednesdays, 6:30 - 9:30p starting April 5 or Sundays, 3-6p starting April 16

Fall League: TBD

South Lakes Softball Complex
5300 S Meridian

Submit your Team Roster

Once you have completed team registration over the phone or online, submit your team roster here.

The team roster requires all team members' first,last names and email addresses.

Submit Team Roster

Single Player Pool

Love the game but need a team? We’ve got you covered! Join the single player pool below by clicking “Join Single Player Pool”. Teams can use the pool to add a player to their existing team! Reach out to singles to sub for one-day! Single players can take the initiative to form a team from the single player pool! So many ways to keep the fun going! Just make sure to contact us at once you’ve been added to a team and we’ll remove you from the single player pool.

Join Single Player Pool

LaReina WaldorfF620-218-8598lareinawaldorfschmitt@yahoo.comAny
Gabriel FigueroaM316-990-5586trufigg88@yahoo.comAny
David CrippsM405-394-3553david-cripps@outlook.comAny
Alexandria OlthoffF316-841-7044alexandriaolthoff@gmail.comAny
Eric HauckM316-993-9312eric@hopecc.netAny
Tyler KawaM620-797-7273tkawa249541@gmail.comAny
Zachary MeyerM316-350-4033zaceriarmeyer@yahoo.comAny
Benjamin M ThornburgM785-577-7294bthornburg3@gmail.comAny
Jonathan StuverM316-759-9799carter.hodesvhc@gmail.comAny
Bryant MastrangeloM316-883-9977mastrangelobryant@yahoo.comAny
Jessica KerznerF843-617-0102kerznerjessica@gmail.comAny
David KerznerM843-287-0259dfkerzner@gmail.comAny
Michael CurtisM918-914-3245michael14afc@icloud.comAny
Perry GreyM316-389-9768perrygrey15@gmail.comAny
Stacie StrickerF316-210-6693stacie.stricker@gmail.comAny
Nathan BeckerM316-364-1873Natebecker9235@yahoo.comAny
Benjamin M ThornburgM785-577-7294bthornburg3@gmail.comAny
Dominique N MarshallF316-244-1634dominiquemarshall229@gmail.comLF
Hayden IrvingF316-305-7052haydenairving@gmail.comAny
Miranda BachmanF316-650-7506mhutton3@yahoo.comAny
Jared VenableM316-227-7880jaredv40@gmail.comAny
Tim SinesM316-633-1046sines856@gmail.comAny
Luke RuziskaM520-338-3252lruziska@yahoo.comAny
Jarod MooreM386-801-3543jarod.moore@rocketmail.comAny
Rick GrubeM316-651-6405rgrube20@gmail.comAny
Amy GrubeF316-250-2023findamy39@gmail.comAny
Angela DossettF913-982-7751ayrose7@gmail.comAny
Byran CastM785-213-0695bcast201@gmail.comAny
Jenna StaleyF620-222-1757jennastaley9@gmail.comAny
Asa Emmanuel Jones IIM316-304-7225ajones10@usd259.netAny

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