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Specialty Camps

How to Register

Special paperwork is required prior to attending. Due to supply needs, advance registration is required.

Online registration is available for most camps. To register over the phone, please contact the location the camp is being held. See contact info below.

DCF VisionCard is not accepted for these programs.

Specialty Camp Paperwork

Location & Hours

All specialty camps (unless otherwise noted) are held 8am - 5pm at Boston Recreation Center, 6655 E Zimmerly. Call Boston at (316) 688-9301, M-F, 9am-5pm to register.

Outdoor Adventure Camps are held at OJ Watson Park, 3022 S McLean Blvd. For information or to register at OJ Watson, please call (316) 529-9940, M-F, 9am-4pm.

Captivate your child's imagination! These special interest themed camps will engage the camper ages 6-13 with fun physical and intellectual challenges, crafts and interactive games. Bring a lunch and drink.

One Day Camps

​Registration Deadline
Dec 20
Mystery Theater
This new mission - if you choose to accept it - will be very mysterious! Figure out “whodunit” in an interactive mystery by studying the crime scene, hunting for clues, interviewing suspects, and trying to escape through a maze to get to the authorities to report your findings.
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​Dec 22
Junior Chef Boot Camp
Stir up some creativity! Budding chefs will master kitchen fundamentals and feed their love of cooking by creating mini pizzas, quesadillas, pancakes, strudels and sliders, along with a treat to feed their sweet tooth. There’s plenty of taste testing along the way! 
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​Dec 24
Wonka Chocolate Factory
Calling all Oompa Loompas and anyone else who loves making and eating sweets! This day will focus on making mouth-watering treats such as marshmallow fun pops, chocolate mice and more! We’ll take time to play some fun Wonka games too. 
Register online
Dec 27
Twisted Sports
These games are out in left field! You’ll have a blast playing traditional sports that are presented with unique twist. Play air pong, balloon baseball, monkey soccer, noodle hockey and more!
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Dec 29
Nerf Wars
Ready. Aim. Fire! Get your game face on with camo paint and then gear up for an epic day of nerf shooting games like Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. You’ll also get plenty of target practice with a variety of Nerf shooting ranges, skeet shooting and an obstacle challenge. Safety glasses will be worn for all activities.
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Dec 31
Messy Science
Campers, choose your ooze! Make floam slime, elephant toothpaste, bubble snakes and other foamy, sudsy, hands-on experiments.
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Week Long Camps

​Camp Hours: 8:00a-5:00p
Registration Deadline​
May 31-June 4
Camo Camp (Ages 6-13)
It’s time to report for duty! Each recruit will participate in archery, sling shot firing ranges, boot camp obstacle courses, compete in tug-of-war and other team building activities! Use a compass to guide teammates through a mine field and two way radios to help rescue the wounded soldier, plus create your own camo shirt and marshmallow shooter. This camp is held at Boston Recreation Center.
​5/26 noon

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​​June 14-18
Animal Planet (Ages 6-13)
It’s a jungle in here! Animal lovers will be in heaven this week with daily live animal presentations, a stuffed animal safari, and creeking. There will also be plenty of fun, silly animal related games/activities, plus campers will build a bird house and design an animal print t-shirt. This camp is held at Boston Recreation Center.
​​6/9 noon

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​June 21-25
Outdoor Adventure Camp (Ages 10-14)
Put down those video games and get out in the fresh air!  Discover all the activities the great outdoors has to offer such as fishing, archery and kayaking! Cook lunch over a campfire and ride the pedal boats, plus play miniature golf and other fun outdoor games. This camp is held at Watson Park. Registration deadline is the Wednesday prior to the start of camp. 
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​July 12-16
Jedi Training (Ages 6-13)
Come to a galaxy far away and earn your place on the Jedi Council. Experience the true training of a Jedi, learn to use the Force, develop light saber skills and make your very own edible light saber! Come help restore the Jedi Order. This camp is held at Boston Recreation Center.
$125​7/7 noonRegister online
​July 19-23
Hogwarts Academy (Ages 6-13)
Campers will take part in a number of wizarding activities such as Potion Making, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Magical Creatures, Quidditch and plenty of games that will give them chances to earn points for their houses. This camp is held at Boston Recreation Center.
​7/14 noonRegister online

​Youth Tech Camps

These cool and innovative camps are completely interactive and hands-on.  Campers will be able to show and share their creations with friends and family at the end of each camp.  Students will be pushed to improve higher level thinking, problem solving skills and programming logic. Staff supervision is available during lunch hour for campers enrolled in both the morning & afternoon sessions. Camper provides their own lunch.  Space is limited to 8 in each camp. Register early! Registration deadline is the Wednesday prior to camp. 

For more information click the registration links below or call Boston Recreation Center at (316) 688-9301.

Morning Session
​Afternoon Session
Dec 20-23

Movie Makers (Ages 9-15)

Students will learn concepts that help them become an effective director of digital video projects. Students will create their very own music video. Registration deadline is the Wednesday prior to camp.

9:00a-12:00p | $150.00

Register Online

Video Game Design (Ages 10-17)

This camp is perfect for the gamer who wants to learn the basics of video game design and basic programming concepts. Several different interactive video games will be designed and produced. Registration deadline is the Wednesday prior to camp.

1:00p-4:00p | $170.00

Register Online

Dec 27-30
Animation (Ages 9-17)

Learn the basics of animation and digital design. Then, design and develop a variety of fun interactive animations. Perfect for students with big imaginations! Registration deadline is the Wednesday prior to camp.

9:00a-12:00p | $160.00

Register Online

Roblox Studio - 
Programming & Game Development (Ages 9-15)

Use your own creativity to build a 3D world around you and your avatar. Create structures using bricks and other items, import 3D models and textures, and add scripts that make your game functional. Registration deadline is the Wednesday prior to camp.

1:00p-4:00p | $150.00

Register Online