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City Crew

Barry's Bucks

​Reward yourself just for having fun! Each event you attend you earn points towards Barry's Bucks! These bucks allow you to receive discounts off Park & Recreation classes. Pick up your Barry's Bucks punch card at the next event you attend.

 Bring your punch card to the Skate Sensation event to turn in your punch card and receive your discount coupon for a 2020 class! Punches will not be given after the Skate Sensation event on October 19, 2019. Barry Bucks' punches will start again in January 2020.

How to Earn Points ​Points
​Attend a scheduled event
1 pt
​Show up at a pop-up event
1 pt​
Ride a transit bus to any event 1 pt​
Points Earned ​Rewards
​1-2 pts
5% discount
​3-4 pts 10% discount​
5-6 pts 15% discount
​7 or more pts
20% discount

*Coupon is a one-time use - must be called in to redeem for a 2020 class. Only for crew members to use - not parents.

Wichita Park & Recreation
455 N Main, 11th Floor
Wichita, KS 67202
Wichita Fire Department
455 N Main, 11th Floor
Wichita, KS 67202
Wichita Police Department
455 N Main, 4th Floor
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Wichita Public Works & Utilities
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Wichita Transit
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