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City Crew

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Register for the newest kids club in Wichita! Interact with Barry, Justice, Sparky, and Beeatrice all over Wichita in each of the six districts and be part of the FUN all year long as one of the City Crew Members! Each registered Crew Member (ages 12 and under) will receive a Crew Kit, which contains the official Crew Member badge and lanyard that allows each member free entry to our events.

Please note: Crew Kits can be picked up at any event listed on our schedule page. If showing a Crew Member badge is required to enter a venue for free, you must pick up a Crew Kit in advance at City Hall in the Park & Recreation Department, on the 11th floor anytime Monday-Friday between 8am-5pm.

Added Bonus!!! Earn Barry's Bucks by attending events and get big discounts towards Park & Recreation classes!

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All-Star Members!

Become an All-Star Member to receive extra perks throughout the year! Enjoy these awesome activities at various events:

  • Skip the line and go to the front for each of the egg hunts at the Bunny Blast! This event is April 4 from 10am-12pm.
  • Enter 30 minutes (8:30am) before everyone else at Snow Day! This event is February 1 from 9-11am.
  • Have your photo taken with the City Crew mascots at Open Streets ICT!
  • Pick up pucks off the ice after "Chuck a Puck" during the intermission of Wichita Thunder hockey game!
  • Go down on the ice after a Wichita Thunder hockey game and have your photo taken!
  • Receive an extra ticket for a chance to win a live, fully decorated Christmas tree at A Night With Santa in 2020!

To become an All-Star Crew Member, click on the link below and complete a transaction for $5. Current Crew Members can become All-Star Members by registering and paying below. Crew Members that are becoming All-Star members will need to pick up an All-Star badge when checking into an event. Just joining the City Crew, choose which type of member you would like to be and register one time!

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Wichita Park & Recreation
455 N Main, 11th Floor
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Wichita Fire Department
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Wichita Police Department
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Wichita Public Works & Utilities
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Wichita Transit
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