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Register for the City Crew!

Register for the newest kids club in Wichita! Interact with Barry, Justice and Sparky all over Wichita in each of the six districts and be part of the FUN all year long as one of the City Crew Members! Each registered Crew Member (ages 12 and under) will receive a Crew Kit, which contains the official Crew Member badge and lanyard that allows each member free entry at official crew events and an events poster. Please note: Crew Kits can be picked up at any event listed on our schedule page.

Added Bonus!!! Earn Barry's Bucks by attending events and get big discounts towards Park & Recreation classes! Register now!

Meet Barry

Barry has found a home with Wichita Park & Recreation after visiting this great city based on his grandfather's recommendation of his time here! He has become friends with the Park & Recreation Director Troy Houtman, Watson Park ponies and the animals housed in the Kansas Wildlife Exhibit. Now Barry wants to share his experiences and show kids and adults the beauty and fun they could experience in the Wichita parks.

Meet Justice

Sergeant Justice knew he wanted to fight crime from the time he was a little eaglet. Hatched in a tree outside City Hall in Wichita, KS, Justice grew up watching the brave men and women of the Wichita Police Department help keep the city safe. He knew that one day, he wanted to help fight crime just like them! When he was old enough, he joined the Wichita Police Department, and learned about how to cross the street safely, say no to drugs and fight crime. Today, he likes to share what he’s learned with the children of Wichita. He keeps an eagle eye out for kids who go above and beyond to be good citizens. You can find Justice most days at City Hall, sharing his talon-ts for reaching out to the community and stopping ill-eagle activity.

​Meet Sparky

A small Dalmatian puppy who used to sit near a fence at a school, decided to follow two children home. Tired from the trot, the puppy laid near a tree to rest. Upon awakening, the shocked puppy realized that the children’s home was on fire. The puppy scampered to the local fire station to warn the firemen. The firemen heard the puppy's plea for help and rushed to the fire scene to douse the flames. When the raging fire was finally extinguished, the firemen noticed the poor little worried Dalmatian shivering under a tree. The firefighters took the Dalmatian and brought him to the children’s family. Once there, the firefighters informed the family that the dog had ran all the way to the fire station to inform them of the raging fire. The firefighters realized that the dog was a heroic anti-fire dog. Thus, the firefighters called the Dalmatian “Sparky the fire dog”, and Sparky found a new home at the fire station from then on. Sparky is the world's most famous fire dog. He is the spokes dog and communicator of life-saving messages, along with his pride in representing the fire service.

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