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Chisholm Creek Park South

3228 N Oliver, 67220 | 216.7 acres

This semi-regional park, land for which was acquired in 1971/1972, 1986/1987 and 1995, features a 1.6 mile nature trail along Chisholm Creek which includes a wetlands area.

Land and Water Conservation Funds, provided by the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks and the National Park Service, have been used to develop this park.

The park area south of the K-96 bypass has been designated a Wichita Wild Habitat area.

The Great Plains Nature Center is also located within the park and is a cooperative effort between local, State and federal governments to provide an educational opportunity to the public.

The K-96 bike path was extended down Woodlawn and into the Nature Center in 2015.

In order to preserve the natural features of the area, certain regulations are in place. Please respect the park and keep it a good home for wildlife in Wichita. The following actions and items are prohibited:​ Pets, bicycles, skateboards, motorized vehicles, rollerblades. 

Bikes and leashed dogs must stay on the bicycle path that goes around the outside of the park. There is a convenient entrance to this path off Oliver Street.

Picnic Amenities

Charcoal Grills | Open Shelter | Picnic Tables | Restroom Facilities | Parking Lots

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Fishing Ponds | Great Plains Nature Center | K-96 Bicycle Path | Nature Trail | Wichita Wild Habitat Area

Do Not Feed the Deer!

Feeding deer is prohibited in Chisholm Creek Park. The park is a Wichita Wild Habitat Area. Please take care of this area by leaving no trace, whether that's trash or food!

Feeding deer contributes to a loss of deer's most important defense mechanisms: a fear of predators. This can make them most likely to be poached. Furthermore, eating large quantities of corn can be harmful to the deer's health. It can disrupt their digestion, leading to disease and dehydration, and damage their teeth. Feeding is not only harmful to the deer, but to humans too. Deer can begin to expect food from humans, putting the public in danger of being charged or chased, especially during breeding season.

Please, do not feed deer in our park for their safety and yours.