City Parks Chisholm Creek Park South
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Chisholm Creek Park South

3228 N Oliver, 67220 | 216.7 acres

This semi-regional park, land for which was acquired in 1971/1972, 1986/1987 and 1995, features a 1.6 mile nature trail along Chisholm Creek which includes a wetlands area.

Land and Water Conservation Funds, provided by the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks and the National Park Service, have been used to develop this park.

The park area south of the K-96 bypass has been designated a Wichita Wild Habitat area.

The Great Plains Nature Center is also located within the park and is a cooperative effort between local, State and federal governments to provide an educational opportunity to the public.

The K-96 bike path was extended down Woodlawn and into the Nature Center in 2015.

Picnic Amenities

Charcoal Grills | Open Shelter | Picnic Tables | Restroom Facilities | Parking Lots

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