City Parks Emery Memorial Park
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Emery Memorial Park

2325 E MacArthur, 67216 | 30.30 acres

Emery Park was donated to the Board of Park Commissioners in 1955 by Julia Emery and Dr. Frank Emery in memory of their parents, Dr. and Mrs. F.W. Emery on the condition that the land be used for public park and recreation purposes.

The Group Effort Associated for Races (GEAR) constructed a BMX bike track at the park in 1987.

Picnic Amenities

Open Shelter | Picnic Tables | Restroom Facility | Drinking Fountain | Children's Playground | Parking Lot

Rent an Outdoor Open Shelter

Sports Amenities

Basketball/Multi-use Court | BMX Bike Track | Concession Stand | Fishing Pond | Wichita R/C Raceway