City Parks Riverside Park - Central
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Riverside Park - Central

720 Nims, 67203 | 58.00 acres

The entire area contains beautiful shade and ornamental trees and large open areas, and convenient sidewalks give access to all parts of the park.

Drives and parking spaces are provided for the thousands of daily visitors. The park is conveniently located for access from the main portion of the City. It is used by many thousands of picnickers each season.

The Kansas Wildlife Exhibit features over 25 species in 8 naturalistic cages. Animals include beavers, red fox, porcupine, mink, hawks, owls and more. The park underwent a major renovation in 2004.

Picnic Amenities

Assembly Area | Benches | Gazebo | Parking Lots | Picnic Tables | Restroom Facilities

Rent an Outdoor Open Shelter/Gazebo


Children's Playground | Kansas Wildlife Exhibit | Splash Pad